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Q.CineTone LUT - Tone Down The Video Look

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Q.CineTone LUT - Tone Down The Video Look

Carlos Quintero
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CineTone is a new LUT that is designed to take the edge off of modern high resolution digital cinema cameras RED Komodo and the Canon C70 as well as mirrorless cameras like the Sony a7S III and Canon R5.

CineTone applies an extra level of color contrast playing off of the popular Teal and Orange Look that many blockbuster films leverage.

This is a very subtle TanDo (Teal and Orange) push.

Additionally it tones down the luminosity in the highlights allowing them room to breathe giving them the look and feel of a gradual highlight roll-off.

This effect helps create even more luminous contrast in the gradients allowing your talent, product, point of focus to POP out from the background giving you more separation to help tell your story.

All of this is accomplished while keeping skin tones true and clean without cross color contamination.

Blacks stay black unsaturated, while Whites stay nice and clean without color shifts.

CineTone has been tested on the following cameras:

Sony a7S III

RED Monstro (IPP2 Workflow)

RED Helium

RED Komodo

Canon EOS C500 Mark II

Canon EOS C300 Mark III

Canon EOS C70

Canon EOS R5

Apply CineTone as a Layer AFTER your color correction and color grade but Before sharpening and film grain for best results.

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CineTone LUT to take the video look out of your footage!

Works with RED IPP2
Works with Sony a7S III
Works with Canon C70
Works with Canon R5
Works with Komodo 6K
Works with C300 Mark III
Works with C500 Mark II
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